How did you find a farm to work on in Hawaii?

To find a farm to work on... I went on to the wwoof website and typed in "farms on the big island of Hawaii" and then read up on those farms. There are SO many options but many are not vegan. I read the brief description to all of them and then chose 8-10 farms to Google (I am not a member of the wwoofing website so I could not see further details/information about each farm). After googling those farms that stood out to me I took a look at their websites and narrowed my list down to 4-5 farms. I contacted all of those farms and spoke with the owners/members until I found the one that resonated best with me! I hope this helps!

How do I know if working on a farm is a good fit for me?

To decide if working on a farm is something that you are ready for and a good match for, you can journal and ask yourself the following questions:

What is my main intention in working on a farm?

What type of physical labor am I willing to do?

How many hours of work each day/week would ideally be best for me?

What type of community do I want to live in? (vegan, vegetarian, big, small, etc.)

How long would I like to be away from home?

Am I ready to leave home altogether and move somewhere new?

When I'm not working on the farm how would I like to spend my time?

By answering these questions I hope that you will discover if working on a farm is a good fit for you!

How do you apply to live on a farm?

You can apply by emailing Kanekiki (or any other farm you choose) and expressing your interest. Then they will provide you with the proper form for you to fill out. It's that easy!

Does the farm provide food and housing?

All farms provide some sort of housing for work exchange members but they may differ depending on the farms resources. You may get to stay in a tent or a cabin or a home. The food that a farm provides depends on each individual farms resources. Some farms may provide 100% of your food while others might provide zero. This is usually based on how much food they produce on the land. When I stayed at Kanekiki the farm provided half of food that I needed on a weekly basis and I bought the other half from a local farmers market.

What was the farm like that you stayed on?

I stayed at a 100% raw vegan fruit farm called Kanekiki. This farm is located on the East side of the Big Island. I stayed there for approximately 2 months in the fall of 2015 and I was considered an "intern" during my stay. For the first 2 weeks of my stay I worked on the land for 4 hrs/day (Monday-Friday). My labor included weeding, cleaning the kitchen, planting and watering in the greenhouse, and harvesting fruit. I always worked from 7-11am and had the rest of the day to do what I pleased.  For the remaining 4 weeks of my internship program, I worked 2hrs/day on the farm and 2hrs/day on my internship project. For my project, I created an online video course to help guide others in their transition to a vegan lifestyle. During my free time I would work on my business Raw Alignment, record YouTube videos, hitchhike into Pahoa (the closest town), spend time at the Kombucha bar, go on walks and runs, connect with the other individuals staying on the farm, prepare beautiful and delicious meals, hitchhike to the beach, and soak up the Hawaii sunshine. Want to know more about what my experience at Kanekiki was like? Check out my YouTube videos! If you are interested in visiting Kanekiki you can check out their website for more information or just contact them directly.