Weren’t you scared about going to Hawaii on your own not knowing what to expect?

I was not scared to go to Hawaii on my own at all. I am a strong believer that everything is going to be ok no matter what happens. Is it possible for me to encounter challenges or dangerous situations in Hawaii? Of course it is possible. But it is also possible for me to encounter obstacles or danger anywhere in the world. I choose not to worry about possibilities like that though. I choose to focus on the positive things and to live in the present moment. When you are living in the present moment there is not much room for fear, but rather, pure contentment and bliss. I also believe that if one feels vulnerable, afraid, or is constantly worrying, they will in turn be putting out that fearful energy and therefore be more susceptible for danger. By being confident and staying aware of my surroundings I find that I often avoid danger altogether.

How are you happy when you're not with your family? My grandma is really old and sick right now and for the last few years I have been constantly taking care of her/planning out my days according to her needs. I would just like to know how you can let go and just leave?

I feel that taking care of loved ones is something worth sticking around for and treasuring. If she is very ill - I think it is important for her to have you around. When it comes to family that is not ill - I do not believe it is necessary to stay in such close proximity - especially if they hold you back in some ways. I personally find that the less time I spend with my family the more I am able to grow into my own unique individual being. When I am around them it is so easy to pick up characteristics and habits that they possess. Now, if you look up to your family members and wish to be just like them - this might not be a problem. But if there are traits of your family that you do not wish to inherit, I believe setting yourself free is the best thing that you can do for yourself.