Staying Positive

What do you do when you’re feeling down?

I take time for myself, I nap, rest and think about what's getting me down, journal, draw, get creative, exercise, express myself, talk to loved ones, get out in nature, say positive affirmations, clean or organize my belongings, watch uplifting videos like Ted Talks or inspiring Documentaries, and most importantly I keep in mind that life has it's ups and downs, no "downs" last forever, it's all temporary, and everything is going to be ok.

What do you do when someone upsets you?

I breathe and keep in mind that I don't know everyone's situations. The person who upsets me or "gets to me" could be going through hell and I have no idea. It's helpful to not judge but to remember everyone has the same goal as I do - which is to be happy, and avoid suffering. If someone does something that upsets me I just send them love and high vibrations so they can get through whatever they are dealing with. I breathe, and let the situation go.

How can I get closer to the best version of myself?

The individual who inspired me to write about this topic wrote to me saying, “I struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, so going about anything in my life without significant planning strikes crippling fear within me.” Well, it’s really quite simple. Planning only goes so far. You can’t plan what your entire life is going to be like. Life does not happen according to what you plan. Try to picture life as an ocean and there are constant waves crashing, sometimes big, sometimes small. If you are constantly trying to predict the size of wave that’s coming next you’re going to be continuously worrying, wondering, and panicking. By just floating in the water and going with the flow of the waves, you will get to ride the waves, both big and small, and enjoy the relaxation and excitement of it all. In addition to just going with the flow, I recommend that you begin incorporating self-love techniques into your every day life. I have created a FREE Self-Love Guide for you called “Jumpstart To Your Future Self” and you can download your own copy here:  If you feel that you are already well-versed with the basics of self love, I encourage you to look into my new Self Love E-Book: