Raw Food

Intro To The Raw Vegan Diet

What is a Raw Vegan Diet?

A raw vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, all in their original state, meaning that they are not heated above 118°F. This diet/lifestyle excludes meat, dairy, eggs, fish, beans, rice, and all packaged foods. But rather than focusing on what is excluded, it is important to notice all of the positive qualities and characteristics of this way of eating. Raw plants are a plentiful source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes, and oxygen! When produce remains in its natural state, not only does your body use it in the most efficient way, but your mind does too. This diet has cured many people from bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. When people choose to participate in eating a raw food diet as well as additional healthy habits, they seldom develop problems with weight, short-term illnesses, or chronic diseases. Fruits and veggies include viable amounts of carbs, protein, and fat; even for athletes! When food is cooked its genetic make-up becomes altered – protein, fats, and carbohydrates are denatured and stripped of nearly 80% of their vitamins and minerals. This is why the concept of eating fully raw is so important. Not only is the food easier to digest, absorb, and better for your health in general, but it is also less of an environmental impact to eat a diet like this. Many people in the raw food movement equally value their health, the environment, and the lives of animals.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Raw?

There are many contributing factors that make a fully raw diet so worthwhile. The numerous benefits that come along with this lifestyle are surely a leading reason why thousands of people around the world have adopted this diet. Not only is a raw vegan diet known to cure illness and disease, but it also contributes to heightened energy, extreme mental focus and cognitive clarity, improved physical ability, clear skin, effortless digestion, optimal nutrient absorption, the list goes on... Some raw vegans state that they literally feel like they're living life in High Definition and that they feel like a "Super Human". I can personally attest to these statements. It's difficult to describe the contrast of eating cooked food and raw food in detail. If you're intrigued and curious in how good you can really feel... I highly recommend eating raw vegan for 7 days and documenting how you feel along the way.

How Can I Eat Raw On A Budget?

It is very common that when first considering a raw vegan diet you are filled with doubt regarding the possibility of eating this way on a budget. But this is just a common misconception when it comes to healthy eating. It is possible to purchase an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables for one week with $70 or less. Not to mention, when eating a raw vegan diet, you are potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in doctor/medical bills in the future. I'm a strong advocate of investing in my health before investing in anything else. Your state of well being literally affects every single other aspect of your life. Spend the money required to nourish yourself with fresh living food, because you are worthy of feeling amazing.

How Can I Eat Raw With A Busy Schedule?

Eating raw allows you to have a flexible food schedule. Since the majority of your diet consists of fruit, it is easy to grab 4-5 bananas or apples before heading out of the house. For breakfast, you can throw some fresh fruit into a blender and make a quick smoothie in just 5 minutes! In the evening, after returning home from a long day, it is easy to prepare a large salad in under 15 minutes! Staying prepared to eat raw on the go is something that many people struggle with when first starting out. I encourage you to get excited about preparing healthy meals for yourself. Also be sure to get clear on your passion for eating raw. Why do you want to do this? Remember that the options are truly endless! Eating healthy is as easy or difficult as you make it for yourself. The key is to stay positive and focus on the benefits that you receive! (watch my video: 3 Ways I Stay Raw On The Go)

How Can I Deal with Opposing Opinions of Family and Friends?

You may find yourself in difficult situations with loved ones if they do not understand your dietary choices, and it is important that you know what techniques to use when this occurs. It is really quite simple; remember why you started in the first place. It can be fairly easy to fall into old habits/give in to temptations by allowing the ridicule of others to get to you. It is SO important to stay true to yourself and continue doing what makes you feel best. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people, this diet will become more of a lifestyle and you will find that it is much easier to follow through with on a daily basis. Dealing with the opinions of family and friends might be difficult at first, but just because they are satisfied with simply ‘surviving’, does not mean that you should be too. If you know what it takes to THRIVE, why would you hold yourself back from feeling and functioning at your optimal potential? Everything in life takes practice and time before it gets easier. Eating a fully raw vegan diet is surely going against the norms of our Western society, but when you look at the broader picture, it is one of the most sensible choices that you can make. Caring for your body and health, the lives of animals, and the environment is a beautiful thing. You have 100% control over all of your own choices. As days become weeks, and weeks become months, you will soon see that this is one of the best decisions you have ever made.

How Can Raw Food Cure Illness And Disease?

Oxygen heightens circulation, which permits vital nutrients to get into your cells. The more oxygen that is present in your body, the less likely it is that your cells will be subject to illness and disease. Since raw food is living food, it still contains an abundant amount of oxygen. Therefore, when consuming only living plants, your bodies naturally obtain more oxygen, which helps fight off any illness and disease that you may otherwise be prone to. In addition to this, every single function in your body is controlled by water. If you do not consume enough water, your body will not be able to transport necessary elements, hormones, chemical messengers, and oxygen, to their designated destination. Water also helps eliminate toxins and get waste out of our cells. By consuming a raw vegan diet, enough water is never a question! Eating this way truly assists our natural healing process.

Will Eating Raw Help My Athletic Performance Improve?

When we nourish our bodies with the proper nutrition, we can function better, not only cognitively, but physically as well! Eating a raw vegan diet provides you with a plentiful source of energy in the form of carbohydrates and this is the fuel that our bodies require to function. We literally run on carbs, and that is why eating an abundance of them provides us with more mental and physical energy. Fruits provide us with the glucose that our cells need to survive and THRIVE. Therefore, if we truly want to feel alive, we must eat living food aka plant food. And as our cells become healthier and stronger, our bodies will naturally begin to function optimally! 


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