How did you get started on your minimalist journey and what tips do you have for someone just beginning his or hers?

My minimalist journey began when I realized that something was greatly weighing me down... having so many THINGS. From this revelation I knew that I had to start getting rid of these things, one by one. I encourage you to start with your closet or dresser of clothing. Create 3 piles: 1 to keep, 1 to donate or throw out, and 1 that you are unsure of. The pile that you are unsure of should be for ALL items that you haven't worn in the last couple of weeks but that you "plan" to wear or think you might want to wear in the future. Take this pile and put it into a box, store it away. 1 month later, if you haven't found yourself wanting anything in the box, it is time to donate those belongings. If you did want to wear or use some of those items, perhaps place them back into your closet. You can repeat this practice with your entire bedroom, then your bathroom, kitchen, entire home, car, etc. etc. I hope this helps you get started! For more information, feel free to visit my minimalism page on