To say that I LOVE living a minimalist lifestyle is honestly an understatement. I first discovered minimalism in 2015 and minimizing has become an extreme passion of mine ever since. In HighSchool I used to go shopping in my free time, and I quickly developed an abundance of material items (especially clothing). But I started to realize that this influx of belongings directly correlated with my decrease in mental and emotional stability. Having more things wasn't making me any happier or more fulfilled. Around the same time I made this revelation I discovered Brittany Taylor's YouTube channel which really solidified my desire to start minimizing... everything.

The act of decluttering is incredibly thrilling. It's like a game. How simply can you live? I have been consistently playing this game over the past year and I am really enjoying the ebb and flow of it all. Minimalism has been a powerful part of my self discovery journey. If you're interested in learning more about simple living... I invite you to take a peek at my videos on minimalism and also to follow my tips for minimizing down below.

Simple Minimizing Practice For Beginners... Choose one area of your space, for example, your closet. Take everything out of these area and make 4 piles. Pile #1 is to keep. This pile should only include items that you use on a daily or weekly basis. Pile #2 is to sell. The items that go into this pile will be in good condition and will be worth almost what you paid for them. Pile #3 is to donate. This pile will include items that are no longer in optimal condition but still worth some monetary value and can provide value to the lives of others who may be less fortunate. Pile #4 is to put in storage. The items added to this pile will be things that you have a very difficult time letting go of, perhaps things that you are saving for a later date or special occasion. You will tuck these items away into an attic, basement or storage closet for 30 days. On day 30 you will donate/sell the belongings in this box if you have not taken them out to use them during the past month. The practice of minimizing can be applied to every part of your home and I highly recommend you give it a try!