Making Money Online

How do you make money?

I currently have multiple difference sources of income. I find that this works best for me because if one source of income starts to slip or fall through completely, I still have the others to support me. In addition, I have multiple passions and interests, so it only makes sense to pursue them all, right? My current forms of income include: retreats, YouTube, sponsored videos, self care guides & programs that I sell on my website (7-Day Juice CleanseSelf Love E-bookBeginner's Guide to VeganismLearn To Lift), Raw Alignment Apparel, health coaching, affiliate commission (via recommended items such as my favorite kitchen products and my favorite books), and most likely a few other things that are slipping my mind at the moment. I love doing a variety of things because it keeps me excited and passionate about my “work”. I think of what I’m doing as more of play than work. I have fun with it all, and I think that’s a really key puzzle piece when it comes to being successful. But the cool thing is… you could take any of those “jobs” that I listed, and put all of your energy into one or two and generate enough income to financially provide for yourself. I choose to do a variety of things, but that is not necessary.

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