Dropping Out Of School

How did your family react when you made the decision to drop out of school and move to Hawaii? Do you have any tips for dealing with parents who don’t agree with your decisions?

I was prepared for the worst when I told my parents what my plans were. All along they had told me that dropping out of school was not an option and that I needed a college degree in order to be successful and happy in life. I was sure that they would dis-own me as a child and that they wouldn’t talk to me for years or ever again. Yeah. That’s how serious they were about me graduating from college. So, I prepared myself to be disowned. I got TOTALLY comfortable with the fact that they might very well be so upset with me that they would stop paying for my phone and throw all of my belongings out that were still in their home. I got TOTALLY comfortable with the fact that MY happiness and health mattered more than my family’s approval of me. This is HUGE. I believe that in order to make decisions based on our own wants and needs we must completely eradicate our desire to be accepted by others, even our family and closest friends. Once I got really confident that I was going to make the right decision for myself regardless of how crazy or radical my family members thought I was, it seemed like everything after that was a piece of cake, because, well, I knew everything was going to be ok as long as I was happy. When I called my parents and told them my plans, they didn’t yell, scream, or put up a fight. They said that they kind of knew it was coming since I had been complaining about the school system for the past few months. Yeah, they definitely rambled on quite a bit about how disappointed they were in me for dropping out only 8 months away from graduation. Heck, they probably said how disappointed and upset they were in every way that they could have come up with. I just sat there and listened. I let them vocalize their feelings and emotions without trying to tell them why I was right and they were wrong. Because nobody was right and nobody was wrong. We had differences of opinions and there was no talking our way into agreement. Towards the end of the conversation they started to talk about safety and how they just want to make sure I am safe no matter what. Overall, it didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. To this day, they are more understanding and more supportive and more respectful than they EVER were before I chose to jump ship on the whole college thing and pave my own path. So to summarize… do what makes you happy, and everything else will fall into place.